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ARMA The Evolution of Accounting
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ARMA is Audit-Ready Management Accounting. A cloud-based, 21st-century approach to accounting services that is literally rewriting the books on accounting readiness, access and accuracy. Today’s fast-paced, need-it-now business environment often demands audit-ready, up-to-the-minute answers and documentation that traditional accounting services struggle to supply. ARMA can produce in hours what others may take days to accomplish.

ARMA, a division of Nagel CPAs, has pioneered the introduction of ARMA for special clients who need and demand a specialized form of accounting that is always audit ready and always available and accessible whenever reports and documentation are requested.

ARMA also offers select clients, such as Development Stage Enterprises, a fully operational, dedicated, off-site back office accounting department without the expense and operational and managerial demands of an in-house department.

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